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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Does anyone where the beasts are *not* rampaging right now? I need to get to the city center and I don’t feel like having stones thrown at me."

– Jerusalemites FB group

[Selected Comments:]
– "What are they protesting against, anyway?"
– "They’re protesting against the High Court’s approval of autopsy of the poor baby that drowned in the jacuzzi… According to the Haredi way, you don’t have to check what happened to him, but simply incarcerate his parents? Or will that also cause them to riot?"
– "The word ‘beasts’ is ugly and inappropriate."
– "So let’s call them Jerusalem’s comfort protesters. They *are* beasts, kind of reminds me of the Gaza’s terrorists! They’re not my brothers when they’re trying to prevent an investigation into the suspected murder of a helpless month-old baby!"
– "They’re not my brothers either, my friend. They’re causing the entire nation to hate them. We’ve had enough of demonstrations and road blocking."
– "Friends, this is how you cover up a murder in Israel of 2018. The Haredis are a supreme power in the corrupt government of Israel. Don’t forget what’s at stake – a helpless month-old baby ‘happened’ to drown for a couple of minutes!"
– "Wow, what they would do to you if you’d written the same thing about Ethiopians, Arabs, or any other minority that was demonstrating. I suffer from these demonstrations a lot more than you. But, beasts?! And then other people called them names that are even worse, and everyone accepts it. Because the Haredi minority isn’t allowed to protest."
– "They’re beasts not because they’re Haredi, but because of the way they protest isn’t normal, it’s hurtful and violent. Probably, anyone that’d protest like they do would be called the same."
– "If only they were protesting for the sake of the baby, and against the parents, but that’s how it is with them – they protect the criminal."

0202 Editor's Notes:
On Wednesday, April 4, Haredis demonstrated against performing an autopsy on a baby, whose death is suspected to be a murder. Autopsies are not allowed, according to some, by Jewish religious law. The protests caused some traffic disruptions. For a previous 0202 post on this, see: https://tinyurl.com/yag5dzjz

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