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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Today [Tuesday, April 3], a special guest took part in the ‘Welcoming of the Rabbi’ event in the House of Rabbi Kook [1], that took place in the presence of Rabbi of Jerusalem Rabbi Aryeh Shtern, the Mukhtar [2] and the head of the community administration of Sur Baher neighborhood Dr. Ramadhan Dabash.

In an interview on Channel 7, Dr. Dabash tells of the connection he feels to Rabbi Kook, and the importance of following his guidance. ‘It warms the heart that we come together to pay our respects to the Rabbi of Jerusalem in the House of Rabbi Kook, a symbol of peace. Jerusalem needs many similar meetings between Jews and Arabs, Jerusalem is sacred. Creating peace is not just about talking, but about actions too. Rabbi Kook was a figure of peace and of creating a bridge between our religions, and we should follow his path.'

In answer to Channel 7’s question whether his remarks reflect the views of the residents of Sur Baher neighborhood, Dr. Dabash said: ‘I think that they reflect the residents’ way. We need to look forward, and not cry over spilled milk. We need to respect each other. There is always a desire for peace among our residents, and among all residents of East Jerusalem. The violence in the area doesn’t help us. We should help each other and choose paths that lead to peace.’

Dabash will be running in the elections for City Council and believes that the city should not be divided. ‘The Arab residents of Jerusalem don’t want to divide the city. The city will remain whole, Jews and Arabs, and I don’t see it being divided. We need to turn Jerusalem into a symbol for the entire world and show everyone what true peace looks like.’

Dr Dabash concluded by wishing a happy Passover to the nation of Israel."

– Channel 7 [3]

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook was an Orthodox rabbi, the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of British Mandatory Palestine. Today, he is considered as the father of Religious Zionism.
[2] Mukhtar (Arabic) – A head of a village.
[3] Channel 7 is a news source which recognizes with the Religious Zionist sector in Jerusalem.

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