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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Watch: Thousands of [Jewish] settlers desecrate Al-Buraq Wall [1] and perform the Passover prayers before it.”

– Al-Quds Media Center

[Selected comments:]
– “Their actions are all for nothing. They left the same as they entered— empty-handed. This insistence will not get them [the Israelis] anything. They look like roaches.”
– "God is sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs. [2].”
– “Oh Lord, you are able to dispose of them, you are the all-powerful and the almighty.”

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] Al-Buraq wall is the Arabic name for what is also known as the Western Wall, or the Wailing Wall. The Jewish name for the site refers to the wall’s placement as the westernmost wall of the Jewish Temple which was destroyed in the year 70 CE. The Arabic name for the site comes from the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) night journey, or Mi'raj, during which he tied his steed, named the Buraq, to the wall while he ascended to heaven.
[2] This is a prayer Muslims say during times of calamity and distress.

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