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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Watch: Commercial strike on Salah A-Deen Street in Jerusalem [1].”

– Al-Quds Media Center

[Selected comments:]

– “All the stores are now open and everything is back to normal.”

– “It looks like there are a couple of stores open. What, they need the money? They have no food to eat at home? To tell you the truth, this is the bitter reality nobody wants to hear. There is nothing called ‘one nation.’ Gaza is a nation alone, the West Bank is a nation alone, and so is Jerusalem for that matter. As for these [national] slogans and talk of self-determination, they mean nothing.”

0202 Editor’s Note:
[1] There was a general strike in East Jerusalem and the West Bank because of the 15 Palestinians killed on March 30, 2018 while commemorating Land Day. On this date in 1976, Arab society in Israel announced a general strike and demonstrations against the decision of the first Rabin government to confiscate land belonging to Arab citizens in the Galilee.
This year Palestinians organized mass demonstrations called the “The Great Return March”. This will include 45 days of protests and events to mark 70 years since the Nakba.

For a previous 0202 post on this subject see, https://goo.gl/39spo9

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