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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"A foiled attempt to smuggle a Palestinian into Jerusalem through the Beit Jala tunnel checkpoint failed after he was found in the trunk of a lady's car."

– Beit Hanina – Jerusalem page

[Selected comments:
– "It looks like they're recreating it for show."
– "No man, apparently her husband from the West Bank let them recreate and film it for the investigation."
– "I feel like this is played out… or that she's one of their agents, because she's covered her face."
– "'Smuggling' hahaha God is great, suddenly when someone wants to enter the city {of Jerusalem} from {another} Palestinian city, he needs to be smuggled, damn them."
– "A Bollywood movie by Jews."

#Smuggling #Beit_Jala