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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Haredi man resuscitates Arab, in the same place where he had once been injured by a terrorist:

Two years after having been injured by a knife attack in Tzahal Square, Jerusalem, Avraham Goldschmidt witnessed an arab man collapsing in the very same place, most likely from a heart attack. Goldschmidt, a Haredi man who had learned CPR a few years prior, did not hesitate and rushed to his aid, thus saving his life through resuscitation. The man was then rushed to the hospital and his condition was stabilized.

Avraham Goldschmidt is a resident of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City, a member of the Zilberman community [1]. He works as a Sofer Stam [2] and as a hospital Rabbi.

The terrorist attack, which took place two years ago, left him moderately injured. The incident stands out mostly thanks to mayor Nir Barkat, who happened to pass by in his car, and tackled the terrorist together with his bodyguard.

'As Jews, believers and sons of believers, we know that nothing happens coincidentally, and everything is planned up above,' Avraham told Behadrei Haredim. "God arranged it so I'd be in the same place where a terrorist had once tried to take my life, and by the great mercy of God he failed and I was able to save a life right there".

He continued 'It feels like I've gotten the chance to fulfill God's mission in the world, to show the nations how we see life as sacred, and do our best to save anyone, no matter who he is. It may feel confusing, but knowing that God's word is law, and it has been ruled that we must save the Nations for reasons of peace [3], gives a feeling of satisfaction from having done the right thing'."

– Behadrei Haredim

0202 Editor's notes:
[1] Zilberman community – a Haredi community mostly concentrated in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Its main defining features are a special method for Bible study, and a positive outlook on settlement in Israel; seeing it as part of the Messianic process.
[2] Sofer Stam – a scribe specializing in transcribing Jewish artifacts containing biblical texts: Bibles, Tefilin, and mezuzot.
[3] There are two halachot, Jewish laws, on the subject: it is permissible to visit an ill gentile, and the Talmud discusses whether one can violate the Sabbath in order to save a Gentile's life.

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