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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“The Central District Court sentences Amani Al-Hasheem, mother of two, to ten years in prison.

Prisoner Amani Khaled Al-Hasheem from the town of Beit Hanina east of Jerusalem, was arrested at around 2:30 in the afternoon on December 13, 2016 on her way home. An Israeli soldier stopped her for inspection at the Qalandiya checkpoint which separates the West Bank and Jerusalem. Amani Al-Hasheem presented her identity card and she proceeded to drive towards Jerusalem. After a few seconds, shots were fired in her direction and her car was hit by more than 20 bullets.

Al-Hasheem was tortured and subjected to an on-the-field interrogation. Following hours of inspection and questioning at the Qalandiya checkpoint, she was transferred to the Russian Compound prison in central Jerusalem […]

It is important to note that although Amani was arrested, the Occupation’s court delayed her sentencing 20 times. They falsely charged her with committing an act of terrorism by trying to run over an Israeli soldier at the Qalandiya checkpoint […]”


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