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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Breaking: 50-year-old Israeli resident killed in the village of Sur Baher."

– Sur Baher Village

[Select comments:
– "One {source} says Israeli, the other says he's from Sur Baher. Spare us your stories already. You keep on saying things that aren't certain and nonsense."
– "Hahaha the whole town had mercy on him."
– "'Resident!' He occupied your land and violated its honor. And you gave him citizenship. This occupying settler."
– "Who is he, what's the story?"
– "Hahaha they immediately write 'may God have mercy on him,' wait patiently a bit."
– "There's no power or might except for from Allah." {Phrase said in response when hearing someone passed away.}
– "This is no laughing matter. May God protect the village and its people and children."]

#Sur_Baher #Mercy