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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Exposure: this is how the state encourages Haredim to become secular

According to a file exposed by ‘B’Hadrei Haredim,’ the state, using the ministry of labor and welfare, is funding the organisations of formerly religious people. At the cost of nearly a million shekels, two 'community centers for the support of young people exiting the Haredi sector' will be established. In these establishments, the former-Haredi will be entitled to receive 'social care, help in dealing with family-related crises, legal advice for divorce processes, developing a supportive community and help with joining the army or national service.' In the request paper, the ministry of welfare writes, 'the phenomenon of leaving the Haredi sector brings about many challenges, including a lack of family support, feelings of isolation, fundamental social and educational gaps, economic difficulties and more.'

It’s expected that this exposure will make a splash in the Haredi society, as the secularization phenomenon is ever-growing, and the Rabbis' effort to fight it is failing. Now that we know that the state is financing this sector, it’s possible that the phenomenon will only grow.'"

-B'Hadrei Haredim

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