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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"The Occupation forces initiate a new campaign of arrests in Jerusalem, a majority of them children:

The Israeli Occupation’s security apparatus initiated a new campaign of arrests last night, directing their efforts to the Old City and the neighborhood of Shuafat in the city center. Six Jerusalemites were arrested, most of whom were children and were subsequently turned over to detention and interrogation centers throughout the city.

The following Jerusalem residents were arrested in the Old City last night: Mahmoud Naser Abu Sbeih (aged 13), Hisham Muhammad Al-Bashiti (aged 17), Jibreel Bilala (aged 17), and the youths Yazan Hashimeh and Nabil Sider.

Meanwhile, the Occupation forces also arrested two children from Shuafat, one of whom was identified as Muhammad Walid Abu Khdeir, aged 13."

– Palestine T.V.

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