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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"‘Tomorrow on ‘Yediot Yerushalaim’’s cover: See it before everyone else:’
[Selection from the photo:] “Barkat, the day after;
The forecast: In the next few days, the mayor is expected to announce his withdrawal from the municipal elections in order to partake in national poltics. This represents acomplete game changer in the upcoming elections.
The veteran candidates: Moshe Leon, Meir Turgeman, Ofer Berkovitch – who will remain, and who will resign from the race. So really, who stands a better chance now?
The possible scenarios: Will the Haredim have the final say in elections, even in the aftermath of the death of a central rabbinical figurehead?

– mynet Jerusalem
"A message from Barkat [Jerusalem mayor] that he will be running in the Likud’s closed primary election has been expected for a long time. He was supposed to announce it at the end of last year, but he used the crisis with the Finance Ministry as an excuse to postpone it again and again, causing damage to Jerusalem’s residents because of his narrow interests.

Why did it hurt the residents of Jerusalem? Apart from the scandalous decision making – it was unclear whether he was thinking of the good of Jerusalem, or the good of Likud members – he kept the entire city council, and the other candidates, hanging. It’s obvious that whether he’ll be running for a third term or not is significant.
And Jerusalem is the Eternal City. This isn’t the kind of city in which a candidate can show up two months before elections and magically win elections […] This city isn’t looking for one-night stands, she’s THE one, and she’s looking for a long-term relationship.
Barkat deserves a lot of credit for things he’s done in the city, mostly during his first term, but there’ll be time for summaries later. In the meantime, let’s wish Jerusalem a worthy heir or heiress, that’ll responsibly serve all of its residents with dedication.
In the photo: an example for the price payed by Jerusalem’s residents because of the delay in the decision; an excerpt from an article that me and Oded Shalom published after the Holy Sepulcher crisis [1]."

– Yael Freidson, West Jerusalemite journalist

[Selected Comments:]
– "I don’t believe he’ll leave the position of mayor now. According to the law, he has to resign only once he has been elected to the Knesset [Israeli Parliament] – this way, he can keep Jerusalem hostage, with all that that entails."
– "The issue with the churches damaged Israel hugely! It’s worldwide reputation, lost support from local Christians, and strengthening radical factions in east Jerusalem. And significant damage to the reasonable demand of property tax from the church. A terrible blunder."

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Following a demand from the Jerusalem municipality that the Churches in Jerusalem pay property tax, the Holy Sepulcher was closed in protest. For more on this see: https://goo.gl/5Tbkrg

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