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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Digest of posts and comments from 'Childhood Memories from Jerusalem' Facebook group:

“Let’s see if you truly are Jerusalemites. Write names of places that only a Jerusalemite would recognize.”

[Selected Comments:]

– “Orna, Orion, Eden, Orgil, Edison cinemas”
– “’Hatulot’ Square”
– “’Kadosh’ Café”
– “Pinhas, who used to sell firecrackers in Mahane Yehuda Market”
– “Yann’s Teahouse”
“‘Hamle Mallane’ [1] – that’s what it’s called. Who remembers? Who ate it and liked it? I loved it and miss it. We used to buy it in the Old City.”

[Selected Comments:]

– "Wow, I haven’t seen these in years."
– "We still eat them."
– "I thought it was my mom’s invention."
– "You can still get these in the Old City."
– "They were sold in newspaper cones. I haven’t seen these since I was a child, what are they made of?"
[In response:] "They’re fresh, green chickpeas still in their pod."


0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] Green chickpeas that have not been taken out of their pod and dried.

This group, 'Childhood Memories from Jerusalem', was set up around a month ago but has gone viral in the last two weeks or so, with more than 50,000 members having liked the page. Their posts regularly receive hundreds of likes and comments.

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