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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"I admit, I also walk on cyclists’ paths. Roads, walls, traffic islands. Give me a path that is not intended for pedestrians, and I will gladly walk there, especially if there’s a proper sidewalk by it.
Even so, I make sure to let the rightful users of the path pass, and practice that thing called “spatial awareness”, that is yet to arrive here in Israel, but they say it’s a hit in Europe.
Here, people crawl along bicycle paths, drift slowly from their synagogue along with the entire congregation, stop for a group selfie, and spread out – the entire family, including the small children. […]
And so, I’ve got a new policy when riding my bike – I threaten to accelerate towards the above-mentioned. I hope they’ll take the hint. Otherwise, I’ll have to consider additional steps – like to deepen my perpetual frown, make noises of impatience, and maybe even curse in Russian. You’ve been warned."

– Shalom Boguslavsky, West Jerusalmite activist