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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Hasidic Protesters Against Haredi Academia

A group of Hasidim belonging to extremist sects in Meah Shearim neighborhood, Jerusalem, infiltrated the Lev Academic Center [1] yesterday (Thursday) and began protesting against the open house taking place there. According to eyewitnesses, the protesters tried to prevent the participants' entry to the campus, and cried out warnings against academic studies and entering the job market. The protesters gave out fliers as well. 'We're used to extremists rioting,' says H., a Hasidic student on campus, 'regardless of how Haredi the college is, or which Rabbis support it.' He continued: 'For example, my Rabbi gave me his permission to study here. I suppose there are some who need to make their living from protesting. It's our responsibility, as graduates, to prove that it's possible to be a man of God and have an academic degree at the same time.'"

– Kikar HaShabat

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Jerusalem College of Technology – Lev Academic Center (JCT) – an orthodox college in Jerusalem, offering bachelors and masters degrees, with separate studies for men and women.

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