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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“ ** The transportation monopoly in Jerusalem is about to be broken **
Two weeks ago, we heard the news from the General Director of the Ministry of Transportation Keren Turner, and now we are also happy to share the next article of Mynet,[1] which foreshadows the entry of another transportation operator into the city of Jerusalem!

In the last two years we have been leading a battle for sane public transportation in Jerusalem, with breaking the monopoly as a central strategic objective. Together with our dear partners in all the student associations in the city, and with the student cells at the Hebrew University, we have exerted tremendous pressure in recent months to bring additional operators into the city. We will continue to follow and update with the official announcements by the Ministry of Transportation, until this important change is implemented and leads to a saner public transportation system in the city of Jerusalem.”

– Hebrew University Student Union
0202 Editor’s Note:
[1] Currently, Egged is the largest and most widespread public transportation operator in Jerusalem. The article referred to describes how the Ministry will introduce a new operator into the city this spring.

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