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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Blessed be He that did not create me a woman.
Blessed be He that created me as He willed [1].

Women’s status [in Judaism] is tough!”

[Quotes from the Jewish morning prayer posted by a Muslim member of the group]

– Jerusalemites

Selected Comments:
– “What is your opinion on women’s rights in Arab society?”
– "Don’t talk bullshit. What do you know about our religion?! There are books [in the bible] – Ruth, Esther, and a few more Heroines – [women] that took care of people that messed with us [the Jewish nation]. In your sector, the maximum that would be written about a woman is how she was murdered by her husband."
– "Actually, I learned an explanation to this blessing in school that changes its meaning completely. ‘Blessed be he that did not create me a woman’ [is said] because I [as a man] had the privilege to withstand greater temptations and overcome them. That is because women are more spiritual, and we men have more to deal with because of our nature: passions, ego and so. Basically, it’s all a matter of education, and not what’s written in holy texts."
– [Original poster:] “It doesn’t get more primitive than this. I don’t understand how Jewish women agree to this.”
– [In response:] “Lol. Women in Judaism are [regarded as] queens. You should do your research before you open your mouth."
– "Islam is full of the ugliest and most humiliating preference of men over women. Just an example, a verse from the Quran الرجال قوامون على النساء. It speaks of the superiority of the man over the women, and says that the man is responsible for her. It deals with marriage – man has been given superior intelligence, and so he should guide and direct his wife. "
[Original poster in response:] “But we would never thank God for creating us men and not women. Never.”

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] The blessings quoted by the original poster are blessing said everyday by Jews as part of their morning prayers. There is some debate regarding their inner meaning, and accordingly – their legitimacy.

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