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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Today [Friday, March 9], we celebrate the Marathon Holiday in Jerusalem. It’s a lot of fun seeing everybody run (even though 'they’re running and we’re running' and there are a lot of people who disagree with one another, everyone can take part in the celebration.) But almost all the participants and spectators don’t know what happened today near the route:

A group of activists with flags and signs came to protest about something that is very important to them (and to me) – they came to remind the celebrators that the occupation still exists, in Jerusalem too, and this is what happened:
The police assaulted the activists, arrested two of them violently, confiscated the flags, forced the participants to take off the [protest] shirts, confiscated their car, and didn’t allow them to speak.

The detainees’ arrest has now been extended. I wonder if the accusation will be related to the fact that they tried to organize a protest, or perhaps it was the fact that they are Palestinians. Yes, I didn’t mention that the protest was close to Issawiya [village/neighborhood] [1], and there were Arab and Jewish participants.

So, I’m sorry to ruin the party, but you can’t celebrate Jerusalem as long as the occupation continues."

– Hagit Ofran, West Jerusalemite activist

[Selected Comments:]
– "What’s preferable? Being under a Jewish non-democratic regime or under the control of the cruel Palestinians? First, ask your friends where it is more pleasant for them: under a Jewish regime, or under the PLO and Hamas. Because, in any case, they don’t have choice."
– "Consider this, too: yesterday, Haredis protested and blocked the entrance to the city for four hours (!), and as far as I know, no one was arrested."
– "Why don’t you mention what flags they brought [2]? You miserable manipulator."
– [In response:] "This response is another example of the ruin of democracy: a flag is so dangerous that violence can be used against the person carrying it."
– [In response:] "Why would you wave an enemy flag in your own country?"
– [In response:] "Issawiya is a part of Israel?"
– [In response:] "A.Of course B. the place in which enemy flags were waved was not Issawiya, so your question is irrelevant."
– "That’s how a lefty works, doesn’t let the facts or reality bother him."

0202 Editors' Notes:
[1] A Palestinian village/neighborhood in east Jerusalem.
[2] The commentor is referencing to Palestinian flags being waved.

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