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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Happy holiday [on the occasion of Women's Day], as the woman is free.

Happy holiday, while the woman becomes a game in the hands of wolves.

Happy holiday, while women wearing hijabs [Muslim headscarf] shake hands with strange men.

Happy holiday, while a woman covered in a hijab smokes hookah. Putting a hookah in her mouth in front of men publicly. And her cuckold husband laughs and rejoices …

You fools: no one respects a woman like Islam. No one grants her rights like Islam. Every day is Woman's Day.
May God help."

– Shuafat Refugee Camp – Jerusalem

[Selected comments:]
-"Exactly, may God help, and they call it freedom."
– "Age of cuckolds and ideological and moral preaching."
-"What is this nonsense? It does not help in any way, and all the blame is placed on the woman, but who accuses this unjustly called 'man?' If he had not been pimping the situation of women, it would not have reached that point."
– "True, may God help us, there are no men left these days."
– "Femininity is gone."

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