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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“After escaping two arrest attempts, [Omar Kiswani] was arrested by a team of undercover Israeli agents in an ambush at Birzeit University [1] in broad daylight.”

[Translation of video:]

“Right from the sanctuary of a University! In broad daylight… a team of undercover Israeli agents, disguised as Palestinian journalists, kidnaps Palestinian Omar Kiswani, the student council president of Birzeit University, in an ambush at the university. The special unit was protected by Occupation soldiers who surrounded the university and arrested Kiswani in front of the student council headquarters. Other students tried to prevent the kidnapping of Kiswani, but were shot at. The special unit withdrew after arresting him; despite international agreements which ban raids being done at a university.

[Sameh Abu Awwad, President of the Workers Union at the university:] ‘I ask all students and workers to protest Saturday in a day of rage against this crime which is an assault on every free Palestinian.’[…] The Occupation has been chasing Kiswani for some time, and failed to arrest him on two separate occasions […] Birzeit University is located only a few kilometers away from the presidential compound in Ramallah, and according to the Oslo Agreement it is categorized as area ‘A’ which means it is exclusively under Palestinian Authority; not one member of the Palestinian security forces were seen during the kidnapping.
How did the Occupation dare kidnap Omar from the middle of Birzeit University?”

– Quds News Network

0202 Editor’s Note:
[1] Birzeit University is a prestigious public university located in the town of Birzeit in the West Bank near Ramallah and has the highest admission averages among other Palestinian universities.

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