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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"I’m wearing shorts because it’s summer and so I feel like it, not so that you’ll pinch my ass and harass me, not so that you’ll catcall me, and not for you to look at. My exposed skin is not an invitation for you to grope. My exposed skin is mine.

‘Slut shaming’ is what happens when you dress up in whatever way you want, are harassed and then people tell you: ‘what did you expect? Look at how you’re dressed.' What does my outfit have to do with it? Was I harassed by my clothing? Does my shirt have a mouth with which it asked for someone to harass whoever is wearing it? Or was there a man who chose to harass me?

Harassment is an active choice made by someone who isn’t me, a personal choice. My shirt is a piece of cloth in a world in which harassing men look for excuses for their disgusting behavior. I’m not asking for it. I've never asked for it. It is my right to wear whatever I want without being blamed for the harassing behavior of men. They are responsible adults who have the ability to choose and control themselves.
When someone harasses me, it is because *he* harassed me. I can be covered from head to toe, or I can be naked, I haven’t given anyone permission to harass me. Don’t give yourself excuses, it could be me or anyone else. When you harass, it’s because of you, because you are harassing me. Because you’re being a loser."

– Slut Walk Jerusalem 2018

[Selected Comments:]
– "Hello, I accept what’s been said and generally identify with the goals of the post and the walk. I’ve marched with you once before.
I want to pause for a moment at the words ‘not for you to look at.’ I, God forbid, have eyes. I think it’s ok to look at men and women around me. I don’t understand what the issue is with looking (as long as I haven’t been staring for 10 minutes at the same body part of a woman, then it’s harassment and not looking)."
– "I agree… As a woman, I think it would be hypocritical to say that we don’t look at men. Some women are attracted to a man's behind, and he doesn’t even have to wear shorts for women to stare at him […] Again, we’re not talking about staring, which is harassment for both sexes, but just looking, that could be interpreted as a passing glance. We all feel sexual attraction, and saying that looking isn’t ok is obstinately disregarding that. Even feminists are allowed to look at a man because they like something about him, and it could even be a smile and not a body part that tends to be objectified."
– "In response to all the commenters: First of all, I am not a feminazi looking for a fight, or wanting to attack men in a dark alley […] Aggressive discourse really is baseless and doesn’t get us anywhere – neither side learns anything, and we’ll be stuck arguing forever. I don’t think it’s worth our time. I will happily clarify my opinion: As long as you, man or woman, know that your looking won’t cause the other side any kind of discomfort or unpleasantness, great, awesome! Go ahead and look! I’m not going to analyze the different genres of looking, because there are glances, not staring, that are unpleasant enough, and we all know that. That’s really it: if you know that you’re looking in a way that’s pleasant for you and your surroundings, great! But if you are not able to differentiate between looks that are okay and ones that aren’t, or simply are not willing to pay it any notice, that, in my opinion, is not okay."

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