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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"What do you say? Should I start up a new initiative?"

– Shuafat Refugee Camp

[Select comments:
– "Open an airport."
– "[Open] a stand for corn or turmuses." [Lupin beans, a popular snack]
– "Go get yourself a packet of cigarettes and a cup of coffee, sit down, and think about a project idea."
– "Shekel by shekel, it will add up to a million. Then we'll think about a project."
– "Go pray with it in Jerusalem and come back. That's the best thing to do."
– "Better off donating it."
– "I say go and get the camp presents and hand them out. After, open a car agency and then, give whatever remains to your brothers and sisters and the kids of the neighborhood."

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