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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


News Digest: Shooting and Strike in Anata:

“Breaking: Basel Mustafa Mohammed Ismael from the town of Anata [1] was martyred today. He died at the medical center after being shot in the chest by live ammunition.”

– Shabab of Shuafat

“The martyr Basel will be laid to rest after afternoon prayer in the Anata Cemetery; all residents are asked to close their shops. God have mercy on his soul.”

– Anata News

“Announcement: tomorrow [December 16, 2017] there will be a general strike in the town of Anata and all shops will be closed. We [the residents of Anata] ask our fellows in the [nearby] Shuafat Refugee camp to aid us and to also close their shops in solidarity.”

– Anata News

“Masked men are roaming the streets in the town of Anata and closing all the open shops. Tomorrow [December 16] they are demanding a general strike in the town.”

– Anata News

0202 Editor's Note: Anata is a Palestinian town in the Jerusalem Governorate in the central West Bank, located four kilometers northeast of Jerusalem's Old City. Together with Shuafat refugee camp, the village is almost entirely surrounded by the separation barrier, cutting it off from Jerusalem and surrounding villages.
Clashes continue to break out around Jerusalem following President Trump's announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6th.

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