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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“How long will this keep happening??? Who is the genius that decided to place garbage dumpsters near the entrance of the refugee camp? Is burning garbage the first thing we want people to see when they enter the camp [1]?”

– Shuafat Camp-Jerusalem

[Selected comment:]

– “The worst thing is when the garbage burning happens on the holidays; everyone is visiting their relatives and burning garbage is the first thing they see.”

0202 Editor's Note:
The Shuafat Refugee Camp is a Palestinian refugee camp within the Jerusalem jurisdiction. It is located next to Shuafat, a Palestinian Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The Shuafat Refugee Camp is the only Palestinian refugee camp in Jerusalem and is outside the separation barrier. Although it is within the Jerusalem municipal boundaries, the Shuafat Refugee Camp and its adjacent neighborhoods lack proper municipal services, such as garbage disposal, functional road infrastructure and sufficient water supply. Therefore, residents resort to burning trash when it is not collected.

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