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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

In honor of International Women's Day and to mark 0202's third birthday –

0202 invites you to the Center for Middle Eastern Classical Music's cozy living room, to hear from up close the stories of two inspirational Jerusalemite women, both of them brave activists and trailblazers in their communities – one from East Jerusalem and one from Haredi Jerusalem:

Feini Socknick – A feminist social activist in the Haredi community, Feini is the chairwoman and founder of the 'BaAsher Telchi' organization ("Wherever you go"), which gives counseling and guidance to Haredi and other religious women who are going through divorce and separation. She is active in various projects that are connected to women's empowerment in Haredi and Israeli society, and was chosen as one of the torchbearers at the official Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel's Independence Day) ceremony in 2016.

Riham Jaber – Riham manages the East Jerusalem branch of MATI (the Business Development Center). She is a social activist, whose interest focuses mainly on women's empowerment, since, she believes, women play a key role in creating the necessary change in our imperfect world.

*The event will be held in Hebrew and Arabic*

The event will be chaired by Michal Shilor, founder of 0202, and Shira Laurence, 0202's CEO. Entrance is free, donations will be warmly received 🙂

On International Women's Day, Thursday, March 8th, at 7:30pm.
Center for Music from the East, 1 Natan HaNavi street, Jerusalem.

Looking forward to seeing you there!