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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Whoever passed through the city entrance this morning will not forget the traffic jams so fast, especially since tomorrow and the next day, he will be reminded of them once again.

Let’s start from the beginning – the city entrance project is important for Jerusalem, and we welcome it. But…

As with all good ideas promoted by the Municipality, here, too, planning and execution are flawed, to say the least. From lack of alternative options, to not planning for these infrastructure changes, and not properly publicizing the project to the general public.

We demand of the Municipality to implement a number of changes effective immediately in order to ease the situation:

1. Commuter shuttle buses to and from the city – Operate shuttles at the city entrance to enable drivers to leave their cars at the Latrun junction, or another convenient location, in order to reduce the traffic through the bottleneck-ed entrance.

2. Redirect traffic through the National Railways – Extend the public transportation lane (NAP) all the way up to the main intersection so that the stream of buses will not block the whole junction.

3. Informing the public of *public* information!
Publish, by all means necessary, the expected changes, including changes for city residents and the relevant [effected] neighborhoods. This is a critical component in preparing the public for the heavy traffic jams and deterioration in our quality of life!

Do you have any other ideas? Want to join our transportation activities in the city? Write to us!”

– Yerushalmim [1]

[1] Yerushalmim ("Jerusalemites") is a local civilian organization and political party in Jerusalem. The organization’s (self-described) objectives are to turn Jerusalem into a more pluralistic and open city. Its main target is to improve the life quality of the residents, together with battling radicalization and inequity in the public sphere.

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