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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"A truck burns on Al-Eizariya Way, Maale Adumim [1]. Peace to all, God willing."

– Beit Hanina – Jerusalem Page

[Selected Comments:]

– Did anyone see what it was carrying?
– Glass
– No one extinguished it?
– Were there any cars that stopped to put out the fire?
– I think they put it out
– God protect us

0202 Editor's Notes

[1] Al-Eizariya is a Palestinian town in the West Bank, located next to Ma'ale Adumim. Ma'ale Adumim is an Israeli city in the West Bank located seven kilometres from Jerusalem. Palestininans claim properties from Al-Eizariya were expropriated to build Ma'ale Adumim.