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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Purim summary: I have never seen a violent and blind horror show like the police on Purim.
From last night until this afternoon, the Israeli police raided the streets of Jerusalem, arrested countless people, ended parties and confiscated equipment. The police assaulted people and then arrested them for assaulting police officers or for ‘interfering.'
I personally was detained twice for no apparent reason (and I am home without a file and a huge headache), my friends were detained and even arrested, parties and productions that did not harm anyone were destroyed and money was spilled into the streets. Parties were stopped before they began, police gave out beatings and fines, and anyone who dared to say a word was detained. Anyone who took out his or her phone to photograph what was going on was detained, or received a blow to his face and his phone.
On the other hand, innumerable drunks were still roaming in the street, night-time drivers and use of the light rail was a definite indicator of the number of drunken and violent kids who were out and about without restraint, and real noise continued in residential neighborhoods until midnight.
Forgive me, good cops and my friends who are (few but existing) cops: The police are shit. I feel much less safe with them than without them.”

– Shir Aharon Bram


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