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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“What would you call this creature born on Purim?

Last year, I had a terrible Purim. I ran into someone I had dated outside a party in the city center and two minutes later she was making out with some other guy. I tried to enjoy myself like I do at parties. I drank all kinds of things. I burned things. I made myself dance to the terrible, hipster music, all while being dragged after Tomer who photographed all this with a huge smile plastered across his face.

Two days later, both of us were still completely out of it. We sat in a room and recorded a story juxtaposed to the pictures. We waited an entire year to publish this and in the meantime, we shot more and more episodes in a slightly different style from the video I am uploading here. We waited a whole year to publish this video and air this hybrid creature that we call the ‘State of Jerusalem,’ [1] and that mainly means that we deserve a ‘congratulations.’ 🙂

If you like the video and feel like taking part in this strange creature we call 'The State of Jerusalem,' give us a 'like,' and share a surprising or shocking story that happened to you on Purim.”

– Natan Odenheimer

0202 Editors' Note:
[1] ‘State of Jerusalem,’ as self-described, is a web channel that strives to strip Jerusalem from cliches and bring to light underground stories in 8-10 minute episodes aired each month.

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