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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"This town is unlike any other place in the world. The color of your ID card determines your suffering:

Blue – pulverized by the government
Blue – hunted by taxes
Blue – crushed by petty infractions
Blue – discriminated against because you are Arabic
Blue – worn down by the municipality
Blue – dazed by the Ministry of the Interior
Blue – under threat of being 'turned green'
Blue – forced to live in the worst places to hold on to the blue card
Blue – always required to prove your place of residence
Blue – insulted when you renew your residency status
Blue – risk carrying green in your car

Green – stuffed into a cage
Green – can't breathe without permission
Green – if you want to travel, you need to cross three borders to get to an airport
Green – your salary is 1,500 NIS
Green – your cost of living is 5,000 NIS
Green – two types of police behind you
Green – even more types of security devices behind you
Green – you're lucky if you manage to get medical treatment
Green – quit work and die of hunger
Green – danger to the blue who drives you in his car

And if green marries blue, or blue marries green? You don't want to know how complicated it gets."

– From Ask Jerusalem Facebook Group

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