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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Our guest of honor: the Nordia [1] fan who kicked a penalty kick in her wedding dress.

She ran away from Beitar Jerusalem’s stands because of the racism, and found a real home in the black and yellow fan-owned team. Her wedding photoshoot was held at Teddy [stadium] [2], and she’ll never forget Evyatar Brohi’an’s first goal.

How it all started: ‘I became a fan of Beitar Jerusalem when I was 6 years old. The minute my uncle saw that I played soccer, he started to educate me properly taking me to games at Teddy [stadium].’ […]

‘At some point, I was nauseated by the kinds of things that happened in the stands during what was nicknamed ‘The Chechen Season’ [3]. I had to be hospitalized during that season and continued to hear terrible updates about Teddy stadium’s stands. I thought I had lost Beitar.

When I left the hospital, three of my friends from the section I sit in at the stadium founded the Beitar Nordia fan-owned team, meaning it to be an opposition to the violence and racism. I was really into this; I felt I had been given my team back, and I got carried away.’ […]

A moment you will never forget: ‘The very first match of Beitar Nordia; Ori Kobi passes the ball to Evyatar Brohi’an, who kicks forcefully and…. goal – he scores! The first goal in our tea,=m’s history. At that moment I felt that we had lain the fan-based team’s cornerstone. The happiness was immense.’

Craziest things you’ve done for the team: ‘Not exactly for the team, but it was certainly the craziest thing. During the half-time of one game at the end of last season at Teddy [stadium], my partner and I were allowed on to the field wearing our wedding outfits, and were photographed kicking penalty kicks as bride and groom for our save the date photos.’ […]”

-mynet Jerusalem

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] Beitar Nordia Jerusalem is a soccer team based in Jerusalem. The club was formed in 2014 by Beitar Jerusalem supporters, in opposition to the violence and racism that appeared among the fans of Beitar Jerusalem.
[2] Jerusalem’s soccer stadium.
[3] In 2013-2014, the then-owner of Beitar Jerusalem Arkady Gaydamak signed two Chechen Muslim players. Beitar fans that opposed their signing responded violently; racist slogans were yelled and graffiti-ed. Some fans that opposed them attempted to throw stones at players and team-staff members.

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