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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Alleged Abuse in Heder

A Heder [1] graduate recently submitted a compensation claim against his old school, claiming that he had suffered abuse in the place for years, which was consequently covered up by the administration… the story took place 18 years ago in a Jerusalem Heder, when the complainant was 9 years old. According to his claim, the ‘tester’ [2] who came to their school viciously attacked him; and when he wouldn’t show up to be tested, the man would search for him in the corridors and continue the abuse. In his statement, he blames the administration as well, accusing the principal of violently hitting him with a stick on a number of occasions, one time so profusely that the stick broke on his body. The boy did not remain silent in the years following. He tried telling one of the rabbis in the school, hoping to end the abuse. Alas, this was not the case. The day after [speaking to the rabbi], his mother received a phone call warning her to take care of her son, who was spreading lies about the school rabbis. On several occasions, it was made clear to the mother that she should be grateful that her Sephardi son learns in an Ashkenazi school, and that if she continues to complain, her son would be expelled.

Though the tester admitted to the crime, nothing has yet been done, and the abusing rabbis still teach at the school to this day."

– Kikar HaShabbat

0202 Editors' Notes:
[1] Heder – elementary school for Haredi boys, which focuses primarily on Torah studies.
[2] It is common in heder schools for outside testers to come test the boys on their Torah knowledge.

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