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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“On Sunday [February 25, 2018], Israeli Occupation forces closed the Beit Iksa [1] checkpoint northwest of Occupied Jerusalem which isolated the [Palestinian] town from surrounding areas. Residents were forbidden from leaving or entering the town through the checkpoint which is the only crossing to which the town is linked to the outside world.
The director of the Beit Iksa Transportation Association, Ziyad Zayed, stated that Occupation Forces detained buses from the town as well as all incoming cars, and prevented the vehicles from entering. Residents of Beit Iksa called upon legal representation for help in stopping the harassment facing them at this Occupation checkpoint, which is considered the worst checkpoint to cross in the West Bank […]”

– Qalandia Media Center
0202 Editor’s Note:
[1] Beit Iksa is a Palestinian village in the Jerusalem Governorate located 6 kilometers northwest of Jerusalem in the West Bank. The village is surrounded on all sides by the Israeli separation barrier, and outside Palestinians are denied access through the one Israeli checkpoint leading to it.

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