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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Haredi Responses to First Female Judge

Haredi lawyer Chavi Toker made history yesterday, when she was appointed to be the first female Haredi judge. Toker comes from a distinguished Haredi family. Though she chose a more 'modern' lifestyle, sending her children to Haredi schools that are considered open-minded, she is known to hold firm Torah values. 'It's true that her son serves in the IDF, but her home operates within a God-fearing atmosphere,' says a source close to the family. Toker's acquaintances say that although she is categorized as 'Modern Haredi,' she is more Haredi than modern. As proof of this, they mention the fact that she does not even have WhatsApp.

The Haredi society has had mixed responses to the momentous event. Some have shown nothing but excitement about the appointment, claiming the new judge will proudly represent the Haredi spirit and bring respect to the Haredi society. Many are emphasizing the importance of taking over senior positions in the realm of law, which is as critical for decision-making as for politics. On the contrary, some in the Haredi society are claiming that according to Halacha (Jewish Law), one must not be appointed to a non-Jewish court of law.”

-Kikar HaShabat

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