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"Haredi woman appointed on judicial seat

The Judicial Appointments Committee decided to appoint Attorney Chavi Toker to the Magistrate's Court in Jerusalem.
The first Haredi judge, who grew up and was educated as a ultra-Orthodox woman, is a graduate of Beit Yaakov and a daughter-in-law of the Dean of the Hebron Yeshiva.

As early as August 2016, Minister Ayelet Shaked told Bechadrei Haredim that she would promote the appointment of ultra-Orthodox judges: " I will appeal to the Supreme Court President Miriam Naor to shorten procedures for Haredim who have applied for judicial appointments. "However, she added," We will not appoint anyone just because they are Haredi. "

Attorney Chavi Toker, of the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office, was born in England and grew up in Bnei Brak as the eldest daughter of 12. Her mother was Rebbetzin Devorah Wolf and her father, Rabbi Raphael Wolf, was Rabbi Shach's right-hand man.

Ms. Toker holds an LLB degree from the Ramat Gan Academic College of Law and her LLM from the Hebrew University. She began her work in the court system as a student in 2003, later as an intern at the Shalom (Taavura) court and later served as a legal assistant in the Jerusalem District Court until 2011.

Since 2011 she has been a lawyer in the Department for the Investigation of Police.

Chavi Toker married to Yechezkel Toker, the son of Rabbi Nachman Toker of the Yeshivat "Hebron" in Givat Mordechai. Chavi is a mother of four and her eldest son was recruited in December 2017 to the IDF "Tomer" Division. Her daughter is studying at the Beit Yaakov seminary and her two younger children are studying in a Talmud Torah school in Jerusalem.

At the same time, many ultra-Orthodox rabbis believe that it is difficult and impossible for a person who wants to be observant to accept this appointment. We should remember that in the past, it was proposed that Rabbi Dichovsky be appointed as Supreme Court Justice, and according to the ruling of Rabbi Elyashiv zt "l, he refrained from doing so."

– B'Haderei Haredim

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