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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Israel Railways: The Opening of the High-Speed Train Delayed by Six Months

In contrast to promises made by the minister of transportation, Israel Katz, that the high-speed line between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv will open on the 30.3.18: Israel Railways has announced today, that there is a possibility that the opening will be delayed by six months, because not all necessary permits have been acquired."

– Kol Ha'ir newspaper

[Selected Comments (digest):]
– "When the minister intends to hold the grand opening without Netanyahu present to take the credit, no one is surprised."
– "Did anyone actually think it would open on time?"
– "And here we thought there was at least one minister whose word you could trust…"
– "This is what happens when a Likudnik [1] promises impossible things: the light rail in Jerusalem ran for months with no passengers on it to make sure everything works, and that’s what’s going to happen with the ‘heavy’ train. It will need to run for a few months, and only once all the kinks have been worked out can it be open for public use. Simply, Katz [minister of transportation] doesn’t understand this."
– "Every project must obey the following rule: double the time, double the expense, half the performance."
– "There are a few executives that need to make a few more millions."

0202 Editor's Comments:
[1] A member of the Likud party.

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