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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Jerusalem is symbolic, and 'Teva' is a symbol of Jerusalem:

I arrived this morning at one of the Teva Pharmaceuticals [1] factories in order to spend time with the workers there and to tell them that our most important task at the moment is to ensure that their two successful and profitable factories in Jerusalem – which our city is so proud of – won't be closed down.

Later in the day, I was moved to see the solidarity of the municipal workers when I joined the support rally that they led for the Teva workers.

I'm doing everything I can to protect the social and financial security of the Teva workers and to prevent the redundancy of people who managed to maintain a continuously profitable work ethic for their factories over many years; there is no reason that their factories should be the ones to close down. It simply can't happen.

– Council Member Moshe Lion [2]

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Teva Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest pharmaceuticals companies in the world, and is based in Israel. Many were outraged to hear last week's announcement by the corporation's CEO that, due to its $40 bn debt, 14,000 workers are to be laid off, including 1,750 workers in Israel. This follows years of receiving generous tax breaks from the Israeli Government.
[2] Moshe Lion is a Member of Jerusalem's municipal council. In the previous municipal elections in 2013, Lion ran for the mayorship of the city and was defeated in a close race by the incumbent, Nir Barkat. Lion has yet to declare whether he will run again in the forthcoming election in 2018.

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