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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"I don’t get why there are people in the group that only complain about how shitty this city is, and write about how they’re dying to leave. You want to leave? Route 1 is open; so is route 443 [1]. I don’t understand what’s keeping you here.

All of those students come here from the Center [2] to get their degrees. They spend three years complaining condescendingly about how terrible it is here. Of course, it would be humiliating for them to become residents here [so that they'd be able to vote in municipal elections], and they don’t actually feel like voting in the [municipal] elections to make some kind of a difference. All they want is to whine, and when they finally reach their last semester they are so quick to jump on highway 1, while writing a heroic post about how they were suffering here over the last three years. Almost as if they are like Jesus, and like him, had to walk the Via Dolorosa.

Let me introduce myself: I’m a Jerusalemite, born and raised. I’ve lived in other places and other countries. Every time I leave, I reach the same conclusion that this is my city.
Yes, I am secular. 100% secular.
But I am a Jerusalemite.
I hate that there’s no public transportation during the Sabbath, but very much enjoy the quiet over the weekends. I complain about how cold it is in the winter, but bless the breeze and clear air that we have in the summer, when friends from the Center complain about their humid sauna.
So, friends, this is Jerusalem in all of its complexities. It is made up of populations so different from one another, and simply tries to coexist in peace. The community that exists here is the most active and compassionate one that I have seen.
Writing a post about how bad it is here won’t cause everyone to leave you alone, and it looks like it is mainly an attempt to convince yourself of your decision to be here.
Yes, that’s Jerusalem, and in my eyes –it's terrific."

– Jerusalemites FB group

[Selected Comments:]

– "I suggest that those students, and others that care about what happens in Jerusalem – that want real change, and not just talk – be quick and register your address in Jerusalem (it can also be done online), and help in electing a city council with a majority of secular members."
– "I think your post is insulting, rude and condescending. Full disclosure – I’m from Har Hadar [3], but I’ve lived and studied in the city. I’ve got two things to say to you. Firstly, people who weren’t born in the city can voice their opinion. Secondly, there are a lot of things that need fixing. The atmosphere in the city is becoming more and more oppressive, more religious, and the secular residents are running away from it."
– [In response:] "If you’re having a hard time in the city, you have two options: fight for it, or leave.
Revolutions don’t come about by whining on Facebook, and it doesn’t help anyone. It only makes the person seem bitter and irritating "
– "What you wrote is pretty nice, but sadly, they’re correct.
This place has a glorious past, and maybe a prominent present, but a future?
In 20 years, Jerusalem will be a poor, Haredi city, and a third of it’s population will be non-Jewish.
If that’s good for you – you’re welcome to be here."
– "…There are no construction projects for young people, residential projects are being built only for Haredim. Ramot [neighborhood] high school has become Haredi. The municipality has damaged public transportation with the light rail project, thus causing a reduction in bus lines, and more."

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Roads connecting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
[2] The Center – the name given to the large metropolitan area on Israel's coast; includes Tel Aviv.
[3] A suburb of Jerusalem.

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