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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"This news amounts to the implicit recognition of the people of Al-Walaja's right to the Al-Hina spring and the surrounding lands

Even though the rains currently fall, it seems sunny days are very close by. The Jerusalem Municipality is working hard on the so-called 'Refaim Valley Park.' We will be invited to visit them on Saturday to a barbecue and to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the land, but what they do not want us to know is that this public park is located on the lands of the Palestinian village of Al-Walaja and that the barbecues we hold are held on farmland belonging to the Ouzallah family, the Al-Araj family, the Barghouth family, the Khalil family, and many others.They planted the beautiful olive trees, pruned the trees, and should be roaming through it.

So where are the residents of Al-Walaja village?

They are right here, close by, on the other side of the separation fence that cuts them off from their lands. Until now, they were allowed to access their farmlands only by vehicle, but these days the municipality is working on moving the location of the military checkpoint, so even this they will not be able to do.

And what about us? Is it possible for us to just enjoy the barbecue party?"

– Al-Walaja Village Withstand

0202 Editor's Notes:
For a #0202_A_View_From_West_Jerusalem post on this topic, see: https://goo.gl/Qs8PyV

The original post had a link to the Emek Shaveh Facebook page, which is an NGO devoted to incorporating interfaith respect in the ethics of archaeology: https://goo.gl/EWbbZY

To read the Haaretz article about this attached to the original post, see: https://goo.gl/Mhoaua

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