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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Just leaving a demonstration against the expulsion of the refugees in central Jerusalem, [1] unfortunately not a typical place for demonstrations supporting human rights. It is exciting to see such solidarity in a city that deserves so much more.

Children alongside Holocaust survivors, refugees alongside soldiers, and especially men and women who do not fall for the cheap propaganda of a corrupt and racist government that has forgotten to look people in the eye.

Go to these demonstrations. Let the refugees feel that they have a shoulder to lean on in a world that hits them over the head every time.” [2]

– Ori Pearl
0202 Editor’s notes:
[1] At the demonstration, around 400 hundred people gathered. They demonstrated on King George St., in the commercial heart of Jerusalem.
[2] The demonstration comes in response to the fact that the Population Authority has announced that, as of April, enforcement action will begin against both asylum seekers primarily from Eritrea and Sudan. They are referred to as 'infiltrators' by the Israeli government and are being required to leave Israel, against the will of their employers. Asylum seekers who don't leave will be placed in a detention center and their employers will be fined. Moreover, the $3,500 government grant that has been given to those leaving the country will be gradually reduced beginning in April.

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