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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Do you do your Friday grocery shopping at the Shuk [Machane Yehuda Market]? Look carefully at the traders you buy from and then come and visit again at night.

Thanks to Hila Babian who documented this beauty and sent it to us. Shabbat Shalom Jerusalem!

[Translation of text from video]:
"The Face of the Shuk:
100,00 people pass through the Shuk every single day. The stall owners come from different neighborhoods in Jerusalem – Nachlaot, Pisgat Zeev, Beit Hanina, The Old City. [1]
In the Shuk there are around 100 graffiti murals by Solomon Souza.
Gideon Ezra, 67, has worked in a spice store for 50 years.
Aharon Ben-Hor, 67, has worked 36 years in his home goods store.
Eli Siman-Tov, 63, has worked as a butcher for 35 years.
Fasma Fasika, has worked in a spice store for 12 years.
Mumi Itach, 55, has worked in a fish stall for 38 years.
David Abuhatzira, 81, has been a butcher for 40 years.
Itzik Shimon, 59, has worked at his vegetable stall for 47 years.
Yossi Abrahami, 62, has sells beans and legumes for 42 years.
Eli Eilon, 65, has been a barber for 50 years.
Eli Azoulay, 75, has sold Tambor [Israeli paint manufacturer] products for 30 years.
Uzi Eli, 75, has been selling healing health drinks for 12 years.”

– Jerusalem Municipality

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] The neighborhoods mentioned include both Jewish and Arab neighborhoods, reflecting the backgrounds of the different stall-owners.

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