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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"The Israeli army will take responsibility for security in Kufr Aqab and Shuafat Refugee Camp

Jerusalem: Hebrew Channel 7 said that the Israeli army has decided to widen its zone of security operations surrounding Jerusalem to include areas beyond the Security Fence.

Channel 7 clarified that the decision seeks to 'add security in areas connected to Jerusalem and prevent terrorist attacks,' which implies that there will be a change on the border between Ramallah and Jerusalem and between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, as a well as military operations."

– Shuafat Refugee Camp News

[Selected Comments:
– "And Anata will become the [West] Bank?"
– "Why, is Anata Jerusalem?"
– "Yes, Anata is Jerusalem… the area of Jerusalem, but it is under the control of the [Palestinian] Authority. Therefore, Social Security doesn't recognize it. The words 'Jerusalem' or '[West] Bank' are not a matter of blue [Israeli] or green [Palestinian Authority], but a geograpic area Anata, Hizma, and Zaim. All those are inside Jerusalem but parts are under complete Israeli control and other parts are under [Palestinian] Authority control."
– "Meaning the refugee camp and Kufr Aqab will be like our [West] Bank, under Israeli control instead of police control. We were under Jerusalem control and we changed to military rule."
– "It's already bad, can't get worse. Same government, same weapon."

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