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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest: Strike in Jerusalem Schools

"*Important update regarding the strike*

In the Labor Court hearing that lasted through night and recently ended, and after the Parent Association of the Jerusalem Education System applied for an injunction, it had been decided that:

-The strike will be shortened to one hour. Classes under the auspices of the educational system (kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle schools) will begin at 9:00 AM. During the following hour, an educational program will be held to prevent violence in the aforementioned schools.

-High schools, special education schools, media classes, trips, and plays will not be part of the strike.

-The Ministry of Education agreed that it would announce a month dedicated to violence prevention, running appropriate programming. In addition, teams will be established to deal with violence in each district.

Lawyer Ronen Weinberg, from the firm of Kremer-Shapira-Schneider & Co., who represented the Parents' Association at the meeting said, 'I thank the Labor Court for its wisdom that brought the parties, after a long night, to a fair solution, because it is clear that both the Parents' Association and the Teachers' Union are on the same side in combating any form of violence in society, especially in schools. I am sure that from now on all sides will fight together against every expression of violence.'

Paz Cohen, chairman of the Parents' Association in Jerusalem: 'Alongside the harsh condemnation of violence, we have found the way resolve the issue in an educational manner, while reducing the damage to parents and students.
The Court expressed the teachers' and parents' shared cry for the elimination of violence in educational institutions and in Israeli society.'

Many thanks to the members of the Parents' Association in Jerusalem who led and attended the meeting."

– The Parents' Association for the Educational System in Jerusalem


“The Parents' Association has decided that the strike does not include the schools of this town [Jabel Mukaber]. Tomorrow [January 29, 2018] all schools in Jabel Mukaber will be opened as usual; this strike is being held because of the incident in which a parent attacked a school teacher in Jerusalem a few days ago.
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Strike in all Jerusalem schools
The teachers’ union announced that there will be a general strike in all schools in Jerusalem on Monday [January 29, 2018] during the first two hours of the school day, without exception; teachers will begin their workday at 10 a.m. This is in light of an incident that occurred last week in which a teacher was assaulted by the mother of a student in a school in the city.
The general secretary for the Teachers’ Union Yafa Bin David states, ‘After listening to difficult testimonies of many teachers in Jerusalem, I am now convinced that there is a real danger and that the state of Israel must do all that is necessary to protect teachers and to protect the sanctity of our schools’ […]”

– Al-Mukaber.net

[Selected comments:]
– “This happened in a Jewish school. A little while ago something similar happened in a school in the [Palestinian] town of Beit Safafa. Why didn’t the schools and the municipality go on strike then? Or is an Arab teacher not worth it? So what does this have to do with us [Palestinians]?”
– "What does the Parents’ Association have to do with the teachers? Are they in charge of the teachers or the students???”
– “Why don’t the schools [in Jabel Mukaber] comply with the Teachers’ Union’s decision to strike? This has nothing to do with the [Jerusalem] municipality, geniuses, or should I say idiots.”
– “When I was growing up, parents would spank their child and side with the teacher no matter what. Nowadays everything has changed. The teacher has become something so insignificant and has zero value.”

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