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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“22-year-old Muslim Kekutah Manneh may join us.
The wing-man, who has made 101 appearances in professional football (soccer) games, was tested at the beginning of the season at the Berlin Union club but was not signed. US officials say that he is on his way to the capital [Jerusalem]. Manneh is Muslim and has previously said that he prays in a mosque every day.

What do you think?”

– Beitar News Updates Page [1]

[Selected Comments:]
– “Beitar fans, it is time to change our minds and continue to progress [2].
In order to succeed, we need good players regardless of differences of religion and race. This is not a matter of religion or belief. This is for the team’s success. Anyone who does not agree is not enlightened enough and needs to ‘upgrade’ himself.”
– “You can call me a racist or something, but an Arab player should not play in our capital, in a group that represents the country. [Manneh] can play in any group he wants – but not Beitar. I thought the management understood this.”

0202 Editor’s notes:
[1] Beitar Jerusalem Football Club is Jerusalem's largest professional football (soccer) club and plays in the Israeli Premiere League. The Beitar News Updates page is a fan page, and is not the club's official news source.
[2] The club's fanbase has a reputation for holding anti-Muslim views, and was even penalized several times by the Israeli sporting authorities for its fans' racism. Earlier this year, Beitar released a statement warning fans of its zero-tolerance policy towards racist chants, songs or slogans in the stadium. This policy is implemented in preparation for the club’s participation in the European leagues.

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