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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“In accordance with the national campaign launched to reject the imposition of Zionist curriculum on [Palestinian] schools in Jerusalem, this video provides a brief explanation of the city’s educational progression over the years.
Taken from the page, Palestine 27"

[Translation of Video:]

“Under the slogan ‘Rejecting the Zionist curriculum is a patriotic duty,’ the Ribat cultural organization launched a campaign to combat the Judaization of schools in Occupied Jerusalem.

What is the story behind the school curriculum in Occupied Jerusalem?

After the annexation of the rest of Jerusalem in 1967, the Occupation took control of [Palestinian] schools and imposed its curriculum on them. In response, a campaign was launched to boycott these schools and open alternatives to them; these alternative schools were known as ‘Hussni Al-Ashhab Schools’. This forced the Occupation to back away from its previous decision to impose its curriculum [onto Palestinians].

Samir Jibreel, director of the Palestinian Education office in Jerusalem: ‘At that instance, Occupation forces were compelled to return to the Arabic, Jordanian curriculum of the time.’

In the year 2000, the Palestinian curriculum replaced the Jordanian curriculum in the schools.
However, in 2011 the Occupation’s municipality and the [Israeli] Ministry of Education redoubled their efforts to impose the Zionist curriculum once again. It was in 2011 that the municipality tried to remove any [Palestinian] nationalist content from school curriculum by omitting and deleting anything related to Palestinian history and Palestinian identity in Jerusalem […]

Say yes to stop teaching the Zionist curriculum in Jerusalem.

Say yes to combatting the Israelization of our school children.”

– The Streets of Jerusalem FB page

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