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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Disgraceful: Knesset Press Secretary Discriminates Against Haredi Journalists

Over the past month, Knesset spokespeople have been preparing for Vice President, Mike Pence's, visit to Israel. Every media outlet was invited to cover the visit– all except for the Haredi press. Despite their recurring pleas to the Knesset throughout the past few weeks, Haredi press outlets were told by Yotam Yakir, the Knesset press secretary: "watch the live broadcast", and later, to view the ceremony from afar. Consequently, a group of Haredi journalists initiated an urgent parliamentary inquiry, which is a rare move. The letter inquires: "In the eyes of the Israeli Knesset, are the consumers of the Haredi press, over a million people, different than the rest of the population? Why are the Haredi news outlets discriminated against in such an unfair manner – in the house of representatives, of all places?"

– Actualic

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