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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Do you live in Gonenim? Live in Ramot?
Best wishes to you – you're worth less.
'The Master Plan for Transportation' held a press conference yesterday so as to present the future train lines in Jerusalem. Everyone who expected to hear calming news about the Blue Line [1] – which will connect Ramot, the City Center, and Gonenim – we're sorry to break the bad news.

On the map ynet put up today, after the press conference, the Blue Line disappeared completely from its expected rail network.
Not 'only the Emek Refaim section,' as the District Committee ostensibly decided – all of it.

Do you live in Ramot? Along Straus Street? In Rehavia? The German Colony? Gonenim? Did you dream about a train that would quickly bring you to the City Center? To Har Hotzvim? Talpiyot? Which would allow you to give up on private transport? That would make it possible for your building to start the process of 'evacuation and construction'? [2]

Keep dreaming.
What does this mean?
Has this line completely dropped off from the work plans? Does this mean it's delayed? Frozen? Will they not even start a detailed plan?


What is apparent is that one of the vital transportation initiatives for this city, that is supposed to serve tens of thousands of residents – has been taken hostage.
A well-connected and well-funded struggle comprised of residents who live on one kilometer of the line who are interested in keeping Emek Refaim [3] accessible to private transportation is currently delaying the implementation of a twenty kilometer long line.

And let's not even talk about that until now the main outcome of this oppositional struggle is the return of the Train Track Park's [4] conversion to the drawing board – a switch that endangers the beloved and successful park in a substantive way.

Does this make sense to anyone?
Nir Barkat, does this make sense to you?
Why don't we hear you?"

– A Train in the Emek – Bringing the Light Rail to Emek Refaim

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] The Blue Line is a proposed light rail that would connect southern parts of Jerusalem with the center of the city.
[2] This is a type of renovation done to Israeli buildings.
[3] Emek Refaim is a main, narrow street in the German Colony neighborhood
[4] The Train Track Park or 'Park HaMesila,' is constructed along the route of the historical railway, built by the Ottomans, that connected Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and Haifa.

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For more on this issue see: https://goo.gl/zzNPrV.