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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


[Translation of text in photo:]

“Good morning to all of you,
The question I want to ask [about the photo] is: What is a Jewish man doing riding a [Palestinian] United Travels bus?
This photo was taken on a bus traveling around a Palestinian neighborhood is Jerusalem.”

– Ask Jerusalem FB group

[Selected Comments:]

– “What’s the problem here? We [Palestinians] always use Egged buses in addition to the light rail [1].”

– “He [the Jewish man] wants to ride the bus just like everyone else.”

– “The guy who asked the question is just a little surprised that a Jewish man is not afraid to ride the bus with Arabs [Palestinians]. Don’t make it out to be more than it is. We are just not used to the idea; it would be strange for example that a Jew would leave the supermarket, Rami Levy and do his shopping at a supermarket in a refugee camp.”

– “Maybe he is with the Department of Transportation.”

– “When we ride on Egged buses, do they [Israelis] take pictures of us and say ‘what are Arabs doing in our buses?’”
#0202 Editor’s note:

[1] Egged buses are referring to the public buses run by the Israeli company, Egged, in Jerusalem. The light rail is referring to the Jerusalem Light Rail which is the light rail system in Jerusalem. Both these modes of transportation are Israeli, but are used by some Palestinian residents of Jerusalem as well.

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