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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Concurrent with Pence visit…. Occupation makes an example of the youth in central Jerusalem

Jerusalem dot com – The center of Occupied Jerusalem, especially the area extending from Bab Al-Amud [Damascus Gate] (the most famous of the ancient gates), extending through Sultan Sulayman Street and Bab A-Zahara and Salah A-Din Street to A-Rashid and A-Zahra streets opposite the historic wall of Jerusalem, saw a large-scale military operation because of the intensified deployment of Occupation forces conducting various patrols and setting up surprise checkpoints in the Old City area.

Local sources in Jerusalem say that Occupation forces proceeded throughout the day on Monday to arrest youth and humiliate them by subjecting them to degrading physical searches and in some cases by savage dogs.

The Occupation also halted a number of public transport buses that operate between the center of the city and its towns and neighborhoods, inspecting citizens and checking their identification cards.

This occurs in conjunction with the arrival of American Vice President, Mike Pence, to the country last night [Sunday], noting that the Occupation Police announced it was taking heightened security measures during the American Vice President's visit to Jerusalem. These measures include closing some of the streets from Sunday evening until Tuesday."

– Al-Quds News

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