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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Suspect Detained As He Exits Court Hearing.

On Sunday morning, the four detainees who were suspected of harassing a Mea Shearim neighborhood computer store (as we reported last week), were brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court.

Three were released, and a fourth suspect was indicted. A suspect who was arrested this morning was also released by the court.

At the end of the hearing, when the participants went outside, a police representative was waiting at the entrance to the courthouse and detained, David Kraus [1], for questioning on suspicion of attacking a policeman six months ago during the police raid on the Haredi Draft Rescue organization.

He will do the night behind bars, not for the first time.

Prior to the hearing, the Military Police investigators reached an agreement in which attorney Nadav Gedalyahu determined that three of them would be released under restrictive conditions, including house arrest until next Sunday, a deposit of NIS 2,000, a third party guarantee which forbids them to contact those involved and distance themselves from the activists and employees of the organization "Purity of the Camp" [2].

0202 Editors Notes:
[1] David Kraus – Son of Yoelish Kraus. Born in 1973,a famous figure in Mea Shearim. He is sometimes referred to as the Commander of the Edah Ha'Charedit, despite not having a role in the organization.
[2] Purity of the Camp – Known as Mishmeret Hatzniut. Some form of modesty police.