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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“A bit of optimism (for anyone who is interested)

In every political conversation, there exists a claim that "in East Jerusalem, we are afraid to walk around, but the Arabs in East Jerusalem walk around freely"

So that's not exactly precise….

In the ‘Ask Jerusalem’ group, a group quite similar to ‘Jerusalemites’ Facebook page, where most of the members are Arabs from the east of the city, a member photographed a Jew who took public transportation in East Jerusalem. [1]

The girl who posted the photograph asked, ‘Why does a Jew use public transportation in East Jerusalem?’
The question was not necessarily to delegitimize the person’s [the Jew’s] place on public transportation, but rather to understand whether public transportation in East Jerusalem reaches common areas [areas common to both Jews and Arabs].
The post, however, was understood by the majority of the members as delegitimization and the Jerusalemites from the eastern part of the city said:

They mocked that girl for having published a post in such 'poor taste’.
They welcomed the fact that the ‘Jew’ went on public transportation in East Jerusalem
Apologized in name of the person who posted.
And some even invited him personally to visit their homes if he saw the post.

It should be noted that the identity of the traveler is unknown, that is, it doesn’t matter if he was religious / ultra-Orthodox / secular or Ashkenazi / Mizrahi [2] or Leftist / Right-wing. It’s very simple … in East Jerusalem, the majority loves and embraces us so do not let marginal events, the media, and extremists to erase friendships in this Holy City to all.

To the Arabic readers, I have added the comments and the original post. I hope this warms your heart as much as it’s warmed mine.”

– Posted by Abu Sari Almkdesy in ‘Jerusalemites’ Facebook page

0202 Editor's note:
[1] In addition to the ‘green’ bus lines that are run by ‘Egged’ company, there are separate 'White buses,' that go into areas of East Jerusalem and predominantly serve the Arab residents of Jerusalem. In this case here, the post refers to a ‘Jew’ who went on a ‘white bus’.
[4] Mizrahi refers to Jews from Arab or Northern African descent.

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